Clarity on Licensing

As I mention here, I don’t believe Open Hardware Licensing is adequate for building machines like these, and in fact, in some cases, it can even be harmful by leaving people with the wrong idea.

As a result, I’m licensing THE DESIGN OF THE ARCHIVIST (and the associated design files) as Public Domain or CC0. That means that you can do WHATEVER YOU WANT with this design, and only the design files, including reproducing the machine and selling it and whatever.

As a sign of courtesy to me, and a gesture of goodwill, I ask that you credit me for the original design when you reproduce or resell these files, and also include a link to this site (

ALL OTHER contents of this subsite (meaning are (unported). Please follow the terms exactly. Do not screw this up.

tldr; the design files are free to use however you want. the site requires attribution and for you to share your changes.