Bag Tags

During the beta-testing of the Archivist, I visited a tank museum where an Archivist was being built and installed. There, I opened my own kit package to find a mess of unlabeled bags. I was surprised at the difficulty of locating and learning about each kind of fastener in my own kit (and mildly embarrassed, too). As a result, I created this set of labels with specifications and a life-size picture of every single fastener. Although it is expensive and time-consuming to bag every type of bolt like this, it greatly eases assembly, and also, I hope, educates people about the types of fasteners involved.

BagLabels__0000_M8 40MM Bolt

BagLabels__0001_M8 50MM Bolt

BagLabels__0002_M8 60MM Bolt

BagLabels__0003_M8 Cross Dowel

BagLabels__0004_M8 Locking Flange Nut

BagLabels__0005_M8 NUT

BagLabels__0006_M8 Wing Nut

BagLabels__0007_50MM Furniture Bolt

BagLabels__0008_Furniture Cross Dowel

BagLabels__0009_608ZZ Pulley

BagLabels__0010_Short Flat Top Phillips Screw

BagLabels__0011_F608ZZ Bearing

BagLabels__0012_Acorn Nut

BagLabels__0013_M8 Flat Washer

BagLabels__0015_Rosette Camera Bolts 1_4 20 UNC

BagLabels__0016_Felt Strips

BagLabels__0017_Bike Skewers

BagLabels__0018_Felt Bobs

BagLabels__0019_Bungee Cords

BagLabels__0014_Eye Bolts and Nuts