The LEDs

The short answer: SORAA VIVID 00269’s, which have been superseded by SORAA 00919s.


What’s so special about these LEDs? Two things:

1. They feature a measured 95 CRI. CRI is a number that reflects the color rendering ability of a light source. 95 is an outstanding number. LEDs used on other scanners measure a measly 75-80 CRI, and if you ask, many of those manufacturers haven’t even measured this important performance parameter. Here are some measurements for you – we often measure 96, but we’re only claiming 95 due to sample variation:


2. The specially designed optics at the front of each LED emitter produce very even lighting that is very bright. This is really critical for book scanning, and we spent months optimizing it to be the best it can possibly be.


Here are some sample images FROM A PROTOTYPE SCANNER using Canon Powershot A1400IS cameras. These are challenging subjects – dark pages and color images show glare best.