The Cradle Design

cradleDSC07442The cradle is designed to accommodate any book, up to the maximum size that the scanner can scan (12×15″).

The cradle must meet the following criteria:

  • It must adjust to accommodate different spine thicknesses.
  • CradleAdjust1


  • It must be removable to support the operator in the loading and unloading of books.
  • DSC01786 Removable_Cradle_DSC09701

  • It must accommodate various improvisations and hacks to get unruly, damaged, and unique books to fit.
  • DSC01729
    4. It must adjust in angle to press a book page flat against the glass of the imaging module.

    Ideally, it will also support a few degrees of adjustment from the design angle of 100 degrees. In the case of this cradle, I designed some cam lifters that gave +/- 3 degrees of rotation by pivoting about the bicycle skewers, with the cam pressing against the cradle base. I’m still searching for a photograph of the protoype. The design files were lost in a syncing error with Dropbox.
    (cradle angle adjusting with cam mechanism pic goes here)