Build the Cradle

11b_DSC07442The finished cradle in all its glory.

9_DSC07375 Prepare a 50mm M8 Bolt by adding a flange bearing and then a washer. Insert a cross dowel into a Cradle Base dowel hole. Line up the slot on the dowel head with the corresponding bolt hole. Insert the prepared M8 Bolt. It might be a little tricky to start. Tighten a quarter turn past finger tight. Repeat to add the other three bearings to the base. If the Cradle Base rests unevenly like an old restaurant table, just loosen the bolts, sit the base on a level surface, and retighten.

10a_DSC07404 Fit the Cradle Angles into the Cradle Leaves as pictured. The tabs on the Angles should face inside, toward each other.

DSC07410 Hammer the Cradle Angles to fully seat them. You can be pretty forceful, don’t worry. Works best with a deadblow hammer or frozen ham.

11a_DSC07424 Insert the bicycle skewers through the holes on the Cradle Angles. Tighten the nuts on the bicycle skewers. Clamp.

11b_DSC07442 Seat the finished Leaves and Angles into the Cradle Base slots, making a V shape. For easy use, you want the skewer clamps to face the front of the scanner. Adjust the clamps until the whole cradle feels sturdy. Now you can easily unclamp and slide to fit any book spines.

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