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This site is maintained by Jonathon Duerig and Scann. General inquiries can be sent to diybookscanner [at] gmail [dot] com and questions about book scanner kits can be sent to info [at] tenrec [dot] builders.


In 2009, Daniel Reetz published a tutorial on how to make a book scanner from cheap cameras and trash. His initial tutorial touched off a firestorm of interest and launched this community.

In the ensuing years, our community has explored this exciting new realm of preservation at the personal scale. Because of our efforts, book digitization is no longer the sole domain of large institutions and billion dollar companies.

In 2015, Daniel retired from the project, but the community lives on. We are still producing new designs and new software. Step by step we are making it easier for anyone around the world to produce high quality scans of the history they hold most dear.


Over the years, a lot of news articles have been written about the promise and possibilities of DIY Book Scanning. Here are links to a few of them: