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by StevePoling
11 Apr 2013, 22:31
Forum: R&D and New Technologies
Topic: New Tool Idea
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Re: New Tool Idea

I wonder if the Kinect or the Leap might be helpful in implementing this idea.
by StevePoling
19 Oct 2011, 03:10
Forum: Introductions and connections
Topic: The Geek Group
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Re: The Geek Group

Tim, I've exchanged emails with Chris Boden at The Geek Group and he's really very supportive of DIY book scanning. I happen to know of a commercial book scanner in town and we've talked about maybe getting the company that owns it and is not using it to donate it. In the meantime, I think that a Gr...
by StevePoling
24 Apr 2011, 15:25
Forum: Show and Tell / Book Projects
Topic: scanned books repositories?
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scanned books repositories?

Hello all, As we all know, scanning for redistribution of copyrighted works is a no-no. But there is nothing unlawful about scanning works that have entered the public domain (or gaining permission) and redistributing them. I am aware of several repositories of free (as in freedom) ebooks. Gutenberg...
by StevePoling
07 Mar 2011, 01:00
Forum: Scanners and Build Threads
Topic: Air Platen Thoughts
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Air Platen Thoughts

In another thread ( ), TomHorsley said: In my imagination, I have this device that drops a post-it wrapped "sausage" on the edge of the page, then rolls it a bit, so the weight holds the pages down... In my air platen experiments ...
by StevePoling
04 Mar 2011, 16:37
Forum: Scanners and Build Threads
Topic: Lever Actuated Platens
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Re: Lever Actuated Platens

I wonder whether the sliding/nested PVC pipe would admit a pneumatic/hydraulic approach. Remember that idea using a turkey baster to push the shutter? Perhaps a bellows with a LOT more volume would work with a foot-pedal to lift the platen. Anybody got an old pump organ laying around?
by StevePoling
04 Mar 2011, 16:26
Forum: Scanners and Build Threads
Topic: Clemd's DIY build in photos
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Re: Clemd's DIY build in photos

Clemend, I though you got your monitors from He-Who-Should-Not-Be-Named, aka Univershul? Ha ha. Yeah, that's him, he has a new identity. It's the address he used when he signed up here the second time (which didn't go as well as it might have). I still want to keep that unfortunate situation out of...
by StevePoling
01 Mar 2011, 03:14
Forum: Show and Tell / Book Projects
Topic: K'ichee' book digitization
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Re: K'ichee' book digitization

since that background is a repeating pattern, couldn't you do some kind of 2D blind deconvolution to subtract it out?
by StevePoling
23 Feb 2011, 02:01
Forum: R&D and New Technologies
Topic: Methods To Sense The 3D Surface/Structure Of A Book
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Re: Methods To Sense The 3D Surface/Structure Of A Book

Sorry to ask an ignorant question... When I see the flattened images, I still see the shading gradient. But it appears that you all have an estimate of <x,y,z> of the paper for every pixel in the image. It seems that you can estimate the angle of the paper with respect to the illumination source, by...
by StevePoling
22 Feb 2011, 02:58
Forum: Programs, Software releases, and more.
Topic: Bindery
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Re: Bindery

I LOL'd at this, for real. I noticed recently that there are certain situations in which ANY TEXT AT ALL is the MOST INTERESTING THING EVER - like (when I had hair) reading the ingredients of shampoo in the shower. Sodium Laureth Sulfate? SO INTERESTING. Well, this may be my most OT comment ever. T...