Master Index of All Scanner Builds.

Built a scanner? Started to build a scanner? Record your progress here. Doesn't need to be a whole scanner - triggers and other parts are fine. Commercial scanners are fine too.

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Re: Master Index of All Scanner Builds.

Post by the.traveller »

I hope you also have a look at the wiki, the link is on top of the page. And if you want to explore a few "how to build" pages have a look here: Scanner build list wiki
The wiki is still under development but there are a few already done to get you started.
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Re: Master Index of All Scanner Builds.

Post by scann »

Hi all,

I have been searching for models so I made a little list of scanners that I think aren't here. I wanted to make me a user in the wiki but the option "create account" is disabled. So, here's my list:

Scanner build - inspired by luxor: ... ?f=1&t=932
semiportable build (manually lifting the platten) - ... ?f=1&t=901
$20 book scanner (also manually lifting the platten) - ... ?f=1&t=242
recycling your old flatbed scanner - ... ?f=1&t=930
dvelleman scanner - ... ?f=1&t=906
horizontal single camera, without platten - ... ?f=1&t=925
better platten movement design - ... 76&start=0
another horizontal bookscanner - ... ?f=1&t=835
stowable scanner build thread - ... ?f=1&t=805
sa30grs scanner build, using it with old and really fat books - ... ?f=1&t=869
steveo1544 with a complete list of materials, really really helpful - ... ?f=1&t=873
soft cradle single camera bookscanner - ... f=1&t=1031
another 80/20 build: ... ?f=1&t=752
bnz new standard build thread - ... ?f=1&t=774
cory's setup: ... ?f=1&t=491

Easy to build scanners list: ... list#p7009
one lamp and a box: ... ?f=1&t=813
portable, minimal tripod scanner: ... ?f=1&t=842
1 cam, 2 pages, using architecture (although doesn't seem too comfortable): ... ?f=1&t=669 ... ?f=1&t=562

words of wisdom before you start your diy: ... p?f=1&t=20 ... ?f=1&t=114

jrichard's book scanner: ... ?f=1&t=123

alternative approaches: ... ?f=1&t=206

a beatiful scanner for texts very close to the gutter: ... =14&t=2549
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Re: Master Index of All Scanner Builds.

Post by murgen »

I have made a scanner but the description is in french as the intended target audience are fellow book fan site members. There are plenty of photo's and third post describes the central manual trigger whose details are clearly visible. All inclusive the remote triggering system costs 6 €. Measurements are in metrics and expenditures are given in Euro.

Here is the final build:

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Re: Master Index of All Scanner Builds.

Post by daniel_reetz »

Really cool build and glad that it's in French! Cheers.
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Re: Master Index of All Scanner Builds.

Post by fembrell »

What a great book scanning resource. Thanks!
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Re: Master Index of All Scanner Builds.

Post by victoriaaustralia »

Here is the final build:

Off topic I'm afraid but that is the first time I have seen horizontal bricks on a ceiling! Is there a form made that fills the whole cellar and then removed? I've seen vaulted brick ceilings but not flat.
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Re: Master Index of All Scanner Builds.

Post by davidlandin »

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Re: Master Index of All Scanner Builds.

Post by jck57 »

Nice work, David. Have you considered extending the horizonal pipes toward the operator and then joining them to a transverse pipe with two elbows to form a handle?
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Re: Master Index of All Scanner Builds.

Post by Mohib »

Mohib's Simple, easy to build, ~600pg/hr, very portable scanner (full details and video): ... =14&t=3007
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