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Camera for book shooter MK-V

Everything camera related. Includes triggers, batteries, power supplies, flatbeds and sheet-feeding scanners, too.
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Camera for book shooter MK-V

Post by kloosen »


I am using the book shooter MK-V design with an iPhone Xs but would like to upgrade the design as well as the camera.
Since I want to get as acute of an angle as possible for the book to be opened as little as possible I wonder if there are any good cheap-ish (<300 would be nice, <500 a hard requirement) cameras that
  • a higher resolution than the iPhone Xs I am using which has 12Mp at 26mm focal lens ("full frame"/35mm equivalent that is);
  • have very low distortion while having quite wide of a lens, ideally wider than the 26mm of the iPhone;
  • somewhat low noise;
  • can have fixed white balance, shutter speed, focal length and ISO;
  • can be controlled remotely without being touched.
Since this camera will be multi purpose and be also used for example on trips, I don't want a DSLR (too heavy for me) and no fixed lens one, it should even have video function which most cameras have these days anyway.

So if anyone can help me out and has ideas for cameras that fulfill what I am looking for then it would be nice to post it or point me in the right direction.
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Re: Camera for book shooter MK-V

Post by TS Zarathustra »

My advice would be to stick with a phone as a camera.
Do not focus too much on the resolution. I used to take nice and clear photos of A4 pages with 1Mp camera. 12 Mp is plenty.
In my last book shooter I used the "Open Camera" app on my phone. It has most of the features you want. For Iphone you might want to use Camera +2.

If you must have something else, you might want to look into using Raspberry Pi as a camera.
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