Open software Windows 10 Processing in 2020

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Open software Windows 10 Processing in 2020

Post by victoriaaustralia »

I had an older tutorial (2013!) which used Homer, a wrapper for Ruby/PdfBeads/Tessaract. Unfortunately this is no longer available so I needed to create a new process. I am IT competant but not skilled and only really use the Windows environment, I don't have time to learn linux or command line approaches, powerful as they do seem.

What is working currently:
camera images go into two folders, named left and right. I find it useful to record every page, including blank pages. I stick a post-it note onto the blank page for the camera auto-focus look at. Having images of blank pages helps with maintaining book page numbering.
Bulk Rename Utility (was previously using Ant Renamer) is used to rename in the four digit format (0002.jpg, 0004, 0006 for example for the left folder images, 0001, 0003 for right pages). Cover is named 0000.jpg
You should then have correct page numbered right and left pages. before you combine the two sides, check on some random pages to make sure that the file numbers match the page numbers, this should catch any missing pages. Interleaved image plate pages can upset this.
These two folder contents left and right are then placed in a folder named Combined.

Image process the Combined folder jpgs in Scan Tailor Advanced (still being maintained, thanks amazing IT savy people!)
.tiff to pdf using Irfanview and plugins

Obviously you can stop there with a pdf, if needing OCR and the book is appropriate to upload to, you can take advantage of their excellent OCR engine:
Upload to
Archive will OCR the pdf, download as pdf with text
Freeware Windows workflow in 2020
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Re: Open software Windows 10 Processing in 2020

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I stick a post-it note onto the blank page for the camera auto-focus look at.
Does your camera support focus lock? If it does, you could set the focus once and it would remain set for shots of subsequent pages.
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