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Help...novice scanner using iOCHOW camera scanner

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Re: Help...novice scanner using iOCHOW camera scanner

Post by glenleslie »

GemmaGem wrote: 07 Feb 2022, 20:08 My pixel does take nice photos and the stand I have works well so I just think I need to get more creative with the book positioning to get the right angle, which is hard to do with just the tips of my fingers. The press glass might help but I'm afraid it might create too much glare.
You might want to steal this guy's platen idea... he only scans one page at a time to reduce the curvature issue... see picture... (that's a bluetooth camera trigger velcro'd onto the handle). Specs are in the thread viewtopic.php?f=14&t=3401&start=20 -- Page 3 or so has a setup with a light on it where he talks about glare...

Full video of the machine operation and then towards the end the un-assembled parts -- there's a good series of pictures of the un-assembled platen and handle. He used plexiglass because he could drill it himself. He indicated he would like to use glass but special equipment would be needed to drill it --

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Re: Help...novice scanner using iOCHOW camera scanner

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Wow this Platen is amazing. I'm sure I can find someone who can replicate something close to it. This could possibly solve a good portion of my problems. Also I was advised to use a bigger table so I would have more room to maneuver around. I will let you know how it turns out!
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