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Re: Scan Tailor Advanced

Post by reproman »

Solve, Uninstalled v1.0.15
Works now.
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Re: Scan Tailor Advanced

Post by KeithJ108 »

Can anyone give me some assistance with getting the bundler command for ScanTailor Advanced v1.0.18 for Mac (from to work. I'm trying to build and bundle ScanTailor Advanced for ARM Macs.

I can get ScanTailor to build with HomeBrew but when I download the bundler command from GitHub and run it I get the error

Code: Select all

ERROR: Cannot resolve rpath "@rpath/QtGui.framework/Versions/A/QtGui"
ERROR:  using QList("/Users/builduser/Downloads/scantailor-advanced-osx-master/bundler/lib")
ERROR: Cannot resolve rpath "@rpath/QtCore.framework/Versions/A/QtCore"
Further errors are generated (see attached file).

The instructions on how to use the bundler command are not detailed, so I'm probably missing a step.
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Re: Scan Tailor Advanced

Post by ymmv »

I just saw that there's a new release of Scan Tailor Advanced: v1.0.19 ... ag/v1.0.19
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