Updated: DIY E-book Creator 0.0.8

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Updated: DIY E-book Creator 0.0.8

Post by mellow-yellow »

Updated: DIY E-book Creator 0.0.8
Download: http://code.google.com/p/diy-ebook-crea ... loads/list

I'm taking a French class at the Alliance Française and, after running DIY EBC (0.0.7) on my French textbook, I realized that all of the diacritics (ç, é, è, ü, ...) were missing! That's because recognition was happening in English only, the default. To fix that, I've added an option allowing you to select up to three recognition languages. If that seems excessive (unless you live in Switzerland or South Africa), keep in mind that some of ABBYY's "language" options include C++, CHEMISTRY, COBOL, and Digits -- among others.

I also added an ABBYY Finereader Auto-Detect feature for the Welcome screen. Separately, the program will now display ERROR messages if you proceed through the wizard without Scantailor or ABBYY installed.

Also, please help us get the Mac and Linux versions to work! It shouldn't be too difficult if you know Mac or Linux and Python!
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Re: Updated: DIY E-book Creator 0.0.8

Post by the.traveller »

Thank you for all your effort. I hope this summer I can start using it. Lucky you did French, because also the German language has strange letters not seen in English. What to think of the Scandinavian languages.Or even Russian and Greek.
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Re: Updated: DIY E-book Creator 0.0.8

Post by gemurdock »

What if our system uses python 3.x?

Also, the uninstall does not work properly. It does not delete most of the program on Windows 7.
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Re: Updated: DIY E-book Creator 0.0.8

Post by ycpdan »

"As previously announced, Google Code became read-only for most projects on August 24th, 2015."

Has anyone moved the repository to GitHub or another repository for future development/ preservation?
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