Missing "Export" Command in Scan Tailor

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Missing "Export" Command in Scan Tailor

Post by Cincyret »

I also posted this on another thread'
First Post. I am missing the "Export" choice in the file menu. I loaded a page in "Jpg".... Edited it (even lighting, and most imprtantly "dewarped". I went to save the file, but there was no "Export" option on the File Menu (New, Open, Save, Save as, Close, & Quit - only).
What am I doing wrong? [I don't care what format the exported file has - tiff, or jpg, or anything!]
Info about the import file: 24 bit color, jpg, 300x300 dpi, 6460x7795. Output res is set to 300 dpi
Note: This is a Library of Congress Sanborn Map file [not a file with mostly text]. I will use the exported file to load into a program called Map Warper.
Scan Tailor Versions: ST and ST Advanced 2019.8.16 [both are "missing" the Export option]
OS Info: Windows 11 latest version

Thanks for reading! - I can send screen shots if needed.
PS: this - DIY Book Scanner - is a great resource!
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Re: Missing "Export" Command in Scan Tailor

Post by Konos93a »

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=l_wxUJFEZLI is this video helpful?

can u upload an image about what you refer to?
something more i think dewarp will be mess up with the map
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