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e-book on tablet guidelines

Posted: 14 Dec 2020, 17:09
by iam2sam
I sure this is in a FAQ here somewhere, but I seem to need help finding it. I'm using a 3 yo Archivist Quill to scan some bound books of various sizes, and also some genealogical documents. I have no difficulty with the scanning process, and it's fairly easy to bind the image files into a pdf. If I view the pdf file on my PC, there is also no issue, because I can make (zoom, etc.) adjustments in the Acrobat Reader program to enhance the readability of the display. However, if I move those pdf files to my Nook Tablet, much of the paging and scaling is fubar to the point that it is nearly impossible to read. I'm looking for some guidelines on editing/modifying/converting these scanned documents that will allow them to be easily read on a Nook or similar e-book tablet. If this requires obtaining additional software, that is fine, I just need pointing in the right direction. Thanks.