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Kindle DRM rears its ugly head.

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Kindle DRM rears its ugly head.

Post by daniel_reetz »

Back when I first put up the Instructables post, many people questioned why I'd want to digitize my own books when I could just buy them. This is one of the many reasons.

We simply can't leave control of books up to the publishers and booksellers. They will never have our best interests in mind.

Re: Kindle DRM rears its ugly head.

Post by jradi »

I love my kindle, but I've grown tired of the selection. Reading of the NYTimes best sellers list is like eating dessert every day, it gets old... THAT's why I wanted to make the book scanner.

I have a feeling that amazon will find a way to cave if someone pushed back, and if it ever became an issue. For example, you're technically not supposed to be allowed to return a book after you've downloaded it. But I've done a few times. Some, I thought I was just downloading a sample chapter (the two buttons look similar). Some, I was incredibly unhappy with the format of the book - I learned to always download a sample chapter first.

It's funny, Amazon wants to strip DRM from music and audiobooks. I think they're using DRM to lure publishers and authors and build their kindle marketshare. Once everyone feels comfortable, they'll probably approach publisher's to remove the DRM...
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Re: Kindle DRM rears its ugly head.

Post by rob »

:) I read that article a few days ago, and immediately added it to the list of criticisms about the Kindle on Wikipedia. I sort of keep hoping that Lab126 will see the list and make an attempt at fixing some of the problems, but I don't hold out much hope, since they are shackled by Amazon's "don't give them any reason sue us" policy.

There is a way around the secret counter: download all your books to your computer first. Then you can keep them there, and download them to your Kindle whenever you want. I guess you could download them to the iPhone as well.

I especially hate the fact that you can't organize Kindle documents into folders. It's just one long, flat list of books.

I'm really hoping that Plastic Logic's reader will work out. The demo is impressive.
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Re: Kindle DRM rears its ugly head.

Post by StevePoling »

I spent the evening figuring out how one goes about removing DRM from a Kindle file so that I could put it onto my SONY Reader. I don't think I'll rest easy until I've got all my books (including the paper ones all around my house) on a CD-ROM in an open format.

I prefer the Kindle DX hardware and I prefer the SONY Reader software. The real problem with both devices is that they do not allow one to efficiently manage more than a couple dozen books.I hope someone who's studying the Kindle and Sony source will come up with a better access/index scheme. These devices are primarily hindered by software.
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