pdf viewer/editor in perl?

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pdf viewer/editor in perl?

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I must admit to major disappointment with Book Scan Wizard, with no java support in Firefox. I like ScanTailor, but is not what I really want. Since my compilers are old, many of them no longer work. It has been over a decade for many of them. That kills C, C#, C+, C++, Power C, etc. Visual Studio, and others are outrageously expensive IMO. Plus I would prefer multi-platfrom, as would be used under Win7/8/10 and Mint, so that seems to leave me with Perl. Does anyone know of a Perl PDF viewer / editor source available that I can modify to the ancient OPPPS (warp os/2 days) standard for post processing?

Sorry, OPPPS was shareware, an exe wrapped perl/C viewer/editor that also had some image abilities *INSIDE* the image only PDF. Yes, PERL! Some of the tools were straighten to line, rotate by half degree, best guess auto straighten, auto black edge trim, crop by rectule, best guess autocrop, watermarking, page numbering change support, some page range batch ability, etc. PaperPort got a lot of it's inspiration from the old OPPPS. I could use Imagemagick tricks to perform the operations (which the old OPPPS had to use C for), but I need a basic reader skeleton.

Can anyone point one or two out for me to look at?
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