Archivist Quill and Alignment of Cameras

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Archivist Quill and Alignment of Cameras

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This query is for those who are having Archivist Quill.

How you are handling the alignment of cameras before scanning the books. I followed the method documented here ... gn-cameras I found the following issues.

1. If we exactly follow the alignment as in the above link then we can scan only big books (At least A4 size) since for small books we cannot zoom and focus the text. Also with the recommended procedure the cross beam will rest some where near the middle of supporting arm. Since most of the books for digitization are in the sub A4 size category how others who uses Archivist Quill are solving this?

2. Even with the support of another person I find it extremely difficult to hold the cross beam with camera and move it up and down and align with alignment card. When some how one setting is made by moving the cross beam up or down the camera will tilt towards down. When we try to fix that the initial setting will go off. I felt if the cross beam would have built with only one degree of free movement (just up and down) that would have solved lot of frustration with regard to this. Is there is some solution for this? (I am not an aluminum extrusion expert, that is why asking for this help)

Do any one have some easy solution for the problem I mentioned.

PS: I use Sony A 6000 camera for digitization.
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