Cradle Wing

CradleWings_DSC06756 There are two Cradle Wings in every Archivist scanner. The Cradle Wing is manufactured from 12mm Baltic Birch plywood to save weight. The Cradle Wings connect to the Cradle Angles, which rest in the Cradle Base. The Cradle Wings are typically covered in a grip-enhancing material like silicone sheet or toolbox drawer liner which keep the book in place and also provide a small mechanical yield as the book is pressed against the glass. For very delicate books, it is appropriate to cover the Cradle Wing with an acid-free cloth or paper.

The slots in the pictured Cradle Wing show “dog bones” at the corners. These are extra cutouts that ensure that the slot can accept a rectangular tab. When you see these slots, you can tell that the part was made on a CNC router instead of a laser or waterjet cutter. The design of the Cradle Wing is such that the slots should snugly fit against the tabs on the Cradle Angles. For high-volume scanning, a single screw should be countersunk and driven through the Cradle Wing between the two tabs on each Cradle Angle. This ensures a more robust setup. Take special note of the angle that is cut on the inner edge of the Cradle Wing.

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